Jimmy Graham grievance hearing gets underway

The long-awaited grievance hearing between the New Orleans Saints and Jimmy Graham gets underway Tuesday.

A neutral arbitrator will help settle the $5 million debate.

The Saints say Graham is a tight end - his position when they drafted him. But Graham says he's a wide receiver, since that's where he played the majority of his snaps last season.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, both sides will have the opportunity to present their cases to arbitrator and law professor Stephen Burbank.

Attorney and former sports agent Doug Sunseri says he expects a quick decision.

"I think a decision will be made probably within the week," Sunseri said. "Because since training camp has started, since the Saints have to know whether they're going to use a $7 million cap number or a $12 million cap number in connection with the franchise tag, they have to know pretty quick."

The deadline is July 15. By that day, there must be a long-term deal in place or Graham must play under the franchise tag at the position determined by Burbank.

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