Opinion: Can the U.S. make a run for the World Cup?

(WVUE) - They call soccer "The Beautiful Game", but watching the United States at the World Cup you might feel differently.

The Americans utilize a hard-nosed, counter-attacking style of play. It's not visually appealing, and frankly they don't care.

To use a football comparison: The Netherlands are a Saints offense, and USA resembles LSU's attack in 2007. Three yards in a cloud of dirt.

To win in Brazil, this is the way it has to be done for the Americans. The best players in the world hail from Europe - the passing is clean and the talent is top-notch. USA can't succeed in that manner.

No current USA players logged significant minutes in the Champions League this term, the biggest club tournament in the world. Ten of USA's 23 players currently reside in the MLS which is considered one of the lower leagues when compared to European football.

One match in, does the outlook change? Yes and no.

They jumped a massive hurdle in beating Ghana 2-1. The "Black Stars" knocked out the Stars and Stripes in two straight World Cups. Portugal is hurting right now from a blowout loss to Germany, primed to lose again.

At this moment, the Americans are favored to make the "Final 16."  After that, the odds aren't in their favor.

Coach Jurgen Klinsman does enlist one of the best keepers at the tournament in Tim Howard. If you have a hot hand in the back, anything can happen.

The finals is not realistic, but a quarterfinal run, I believe, can happen for the Americans.

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