Hearing continued for attorney caught in steamy cab encounter

The sentencing hearing for a New Orleans attorney caught on video in a steamy encounter with a cab driver was continued Thursday morning.

Jennifer Gaubert is now scheduled to appear in court Aug. 22 on a battery charge brought by cab driver Hervey Farrell.

The 2012 encounter between the two – recorded on Farrell's smartphone – is at the center of the case. Initially, Gaubert claimed that Farrell was trying to extort money from her in exchange for getting rid of the video.

As a result, He lost his job and spent two days in jail.

But after the video surfaced, the charges against him were dropped and the district attorney instead charged Gaubert with making false statements.

On the day of trial, prosecutors changed the charge against Gaubert to false swearing for purpose of violating public health or safety. It carries a possible sentence of one to five years in jail. That trial has also been continued.

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