Councilman says there's money-in-hand to begin streetlight repair

After several FOX 8 Defenders reports on the lack of streetlights in neighborhoods across New Orleans, there is progress to report.

City Councilman Jared Brossett announced that work will begin this summer in neighborhoods from the Seventh Ward to St. Charles Avenue.

"We have received an Entergy refund and that has to go to Entergy efficiency," Brossett said. "That fund is about $14 million. We just got notified yesterday of check-in-hand approved from Entergy. Those funds are going to go towards an energy efficiency program where we switch out the street lights to LEDs beginning July 1.

Brossett said $1.7 million from the capital transportation fund will also be used to repair infrastructure for street lighting. That will be enacted at Thursday's City Council meeting.

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