Good Samaritan pays it forward by giving money back

FILE (Source: Flickr Commons)
FILE (Source: Flickr Commons)

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - Some people might call it divine intervention.

Vanessa Patterson found a bank envelope full of money in a shopping cart outside of Sam's Club in Slidell on Thursday, according to police. A receipt was inside the envelope with a membership number on it, so the woman went inside of the store to find the person's phone number.

The Good Samaritan contacted a police officer who was at the store on an unrelated call for service. When the woman showed the officer the envelope of money and the receipt, he called the phone number provided by the store and found the rightful owner of the money.

The money was returned to a man who said it belonged to his church. He said he did not realize the cash was missing.

Slidell Police thanked Patterson on their Facebook page for being an "outstanding, honest citizen."

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