The Nagin Letters: What his supporters are saying

Former Mayor Ray Nagin/FILE (FOX8 Photo)
Former Mayor Ray Nagin/FILE (FOX8 Photo)

Bishop Chante Sutton

"A plight of mercy, what we ask, for Mayor Nagin, of whom we witnessed work hard pre and post Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."

Said his motives were very "Un-New Orleans… unpolitical and that he stirred-away from the buddy system." (paraphrase)

Noah Butler III

Executive assistant and program coordinator of international institute of Deaf Services. He used to interpret and do live captioning for Nagin.

"It is because of his leadership that my family returned to New Orleans."

And: "In my opinion those allegations go to against the core of his character."

Brenda Hatfield

Nagin's chief administrative officer and a defense witness in the trial

"He stressed that their donations would not guarantee them contracts."

"He was also compassionate as mayor, most noteworthy extending pay for City employees who had to be laid off due to severe budget constraints after Katrina. His compassion once extended to actually paying health and hospitalization insurance for a family that he knew was in need of financial assistance."

Nina Killeen

Video producer for his campaign (2001), later his Realtor

"It is my belief that Ray Nagin did what any loving father would do after Katrina. He tried to set his sons up in a business that could take advantage of needed services. Had he been a businessman, which at heart he is, it would have been okay to take advantage of his position - but not as a politician. I truly don't believe that Ray Nagin thought that he was doing wrong. I do not doubt that circumstances could persuade him to do something that would be out of character. I think we are all capable of slipping at some time, but I don't believe that makes us who we are."

Fred Luter

Senior minister of the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

"We saw it on television, heard it on the radio, and read about it in our local newspapers. Hurricane Katrina affected Ray Nagin like many of us spiritually, emotionally and mentally."

Frank Davis

Pastor, Bible Way Missionary Baptist

Wrote that he has no "political attachments nor desire to be a personal part of anyone's agenda. I just want to be like the prophet Daniel and speak truth to anyone."

The Nagin presented at trial, "monster man," seen in the media, was not the "Man I met and observed during his tenure as mayor."

Norbert Simmons

Businessman who identifies himself as a Nagin friend

He says the verdict is "based on questionable prosecutorial tactics…"

"Friends often questioned him about the level of support and effort he enthusiastically offered to people who quite obviously were his political enemies."

Sara L. Gipson

Former Sister-in-Law

"Just as Hillary still loves and needs Bill (Clinton), Seletha needs Ray."