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Covington Nat'l Guardsman surprises kids at Zephyrs game


A National Guardsman from Covington, just home from a tour of duty in Kuwait, came up with a pretty creative way to surprise his kids, at the Zephyr's game in Metairie.

Sgt. Jason O'Quinn's four kids simply thought they were chosen to throw out the first pitch at Saturday night's Zephyr's game because their dad was serving overseas.

What they didn't know was that the man dressed in a Zephyr's uniform acting as catcher, was their dad!

The kids' reaction to the big surprise was priceless! "Wow, I did not think," said seven year old Wyatt.

It was pretty emotional for Sgt. O'Quinn too! "So happy to see them," O'Quinn said.

O'Quinn and the rest of his unit from Covington returned from a nine month tour of duty in Kuwait Wednesday. For three days, he had to hide out with wife Brittany while the kids stayed with their grandparents, in order to execute the plan they first conceived months ago. Brittany O'Quinn explains, "We got Zephyrs tickets in Easter baskets and the kids have been dying to go to a game so I was on the phone with my husband and he was like, I wish we could surprised them at a game."

The Zephyrs organization was more than happy to help with the plan especially considering how much Sgt. O'Quinn has given up, including watching his young kids grow.

"It's one of the sacrifices we make for this country but we're going to make it up. We're going to make up all the lost time in the next couple of months," said O'Quinn.

Seven year old Wyatt knows what he wants to do saying, "I feel like bowling with him".

10-year-old Triston wants to go to Disney World! But nothing beats this surprise, described by Wyatt as, "Awesome, Awesome good."

Sgt. O'Quinn also previously served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. His wife says she doesn't think he'll have to serve again overseas for the forseeable future.

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