Source says warrant issued in Darren Sharper case

Sgt. Brandon Licciardi
Sgt. Brandon Licciardi
Darren Sharper
Darren Sharper
Erik Nunez
Erik Nunez

As prosecutors in New Orleans investigate the alleged aggravated rape of two women in the Warehouse District last September, there are indications that a third person may be involved.

A source with knowledge of the case tells FOX 8 that Sgt. Brandon Licciardi, a St. Bernard Deputy, recently received a search warrant for his DNA.

Licciardi's attorney, Pat Fanning, told FOX 8 since there's a pending investigation, he could not comment.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann says Licciardi is no longer in a law enforcement capacity with the Department and he's been moved to an administrative position.

Back in March, the NOPD issued arrest warrants for Darren Sharper and 26-year-old Erik Nunez.

Both were arrested for two counts of aggravated rape, but have not been formally charged.

According to the New Orleans police report, a woman claims she met her perpetrator at a bar and he took her to his apartment where she was sexually assaulted.

Investigators had previously interviewed Sgt. Brandon Licciardi in connection with the case.

In a February report, a source told FOX 8 Licciardi introduced Sharper to the alleged victim on the night of the incident and investigators wanted information about text messages sent from Sharper to Licciardi.

At the time, Fanning told FOX 8 his client was only a witness and was fully cooperating with the Orleans D.A.'s office.

Darren Sharper remains in the Los Angeles County jail where he's charged with drugs and rape.

Besides New Orleans, he's being investigated for sexual assault in Las Vegas and Tempe, Arizona.

Erik Nunez, also accused of aggravated rape in New Orleans, is free on bond.

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