Devery Henderson wraps up a championship career

Wide Receiver Devery Henderson spent nine years in black-and-gold, helping the Saints win Super Bowl XLIV.

That came after four seasons in purple-and-gold, winning the 2003 national title with LSU. The Opelousas native reached ultimate success multiple times throughout his football career, which he says was more fulfilling than he ever dreamed.

"You know, I always just wanted an opportunity," Devery Henderson said. "I actually got nine years out of it. You know, won the Super Bowl with one organization that was my favorite team growing up and stuff like that. So I couldn't ask for [anything] better."

"Devery meant a lot, stretched the field, was a great blocker. He made plays when people didn't think it was gonna be a play made. He got extra yards, and at times, you were like how did he do that. A lot of those moments in his career," former teammate Robert Meachem added.

After parting ways with the Saints last year, Henderson joined the Washington Redskins but was released last August. Instead of trying to make one last attempt at it, the 32-year old is happy to hang up his cleats, and return to school to pursue a degree in Sociology.

"I miss it, but I don't miss it," Henderson said. "I was blessed throughout my career. I look back at it, and I just smile, and like I said I got out of it healthy and still able to do other things."

During his time in New Orleans, Henderson tallied 245 catches, 20 touchdowns and 4,377 yards, which puts him fifth all-time in receiving yards in Saints history.

"I have never played a football game for a team outside of Louisiana," Henderson said. "That's big, pretty uncommon. Not too many people get a chance to do that. I was blessed with that and made nine years out of it. Still a fan of the Saints, love them to death. Still bleed Black-and-Gold, and really think this year we'll do real good."

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