Coyote attack leaves Lockport pet owners on high alert

LOCKPORT, LA (WVUE) - A Lockport woman mourns the loss of her Maltese after he was violently attacked by a coyote last week.

Melissa Gonzales let her dog Itty-Bitt out for a bathroom break around 4 a.m. Wednesday. She did not see a coyote lurking nearby.

"The coyote came into the yard, grabbed him and took off running," said Gonzales. "He disappeared with him. I've never seen Itty again."

She said her stomps and screams weren't enough to save her little dog. Gonzalez said Lockport Police helped her search for hours for the pet, but couldn't find any remains.

Lockport Police said other small dogs are missing in the neighborhood around Catherine Street. Gonzales believes the coyotes are coming from a wooded area behind her subdivision.

Wildlife officials suggest residents not feed wild animals or leave pet food out around their homes, especially after dark. They also should secure trash can lids and compost heaps.

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