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Eat oysters, save the coast

Oyster lovers can do their part to help save the coast just by chowing down.

Several restaurants – including Acme, The Bourbon House and Redfish Grill – have teamed up for an oyster shell recycling project.

In a partnership with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, oyster shells from your favorite dish will be used for oyster reef and shoreline restoration projects.

"You know, I was taught by my dad to leave [the world] better than you found it, and putting these shells back in the water is a great example," said Dickie Brennan of Brennan's Restaurants. "We're gonna' do something great for the environment."

The CRCL says the program began last week and they have already collected 19,000 pounds of shell. The project returns recycled oyster shells to coastal waters to help revitalize oyster seed areas.

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