Car pulled from pothole in Gentilly, residents hope it sheds light on greater concern

It took a fire truck, a chain and a lot of patience to pull a woman's vehicle out of an enormous pot hole.

Tomeka Lawrence's Nissan Maxima landed in a trick bag this morning of Pasteur Boulevard in Gentilly.

Her car was rescued from a huge crevasse of water. She says the street looks more like mud than asphalt.

"I was afraid to go in this hole, it's kind of big," said Lawrence. "I saw people had track marks where they were driving up on the rocks so I tried to go that way and got stuck."

"They repaired streets on this side. They repaired Elysian Fields and portion of Prentiss as you can see the problem has escalated to become a hazard," said Mrs. Malcom Smith, a nearby resident.

Smith says she has been to city council meeting complaining about her boulevard but has gotten no relief. She hopes Tomeka Lawrence's stuck Nissan sheds some light on the problem.

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