Mosquito control tips from the experts

Mosquito control experts say the summer pattern of afternoon rains create the perfect conditions for standing water around homes you might not even notice.

Containers as tiny as a bottle cap, a clogged gutter or even the tarp on a grill can turn into mosquito breeding grounds.

"It takes about a week to go from an egg to an adult," said Sam Stines with the Mosquito Control Service. "So if people could police their yards once a week, maybe every weekend. Bring the kids out, see who can find the most standing water and, like I said, it could be as little as a bottle top full of water up to a tarp that could be covering a car, something like that, could be holding a lot of water and produce a lot of these Asian tiger mosquitoes."

Stines says they've been getting a lot of complaints about the Asian tiger mosquitoes right now. They're the ones most likely to bite you during the day and can carry disease. That's why officials in both Jefferson and Orleans parishes are carefully monitoring the mosquito population.

"We monitor mosquito counts throughout the city through traps and other types of surveillance and we test them for viruses," said Sarah Michaels, an entomologist with the New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board. "So we're looking to see the numbers of these mosquitoes and if they're infected with any viruses such as West Nile Virus."

One of the diseases they're keeping an eye out for is chikungunya.

While there have been cases of the disease confirmed in the US, the people who got sick picked it up while out of the country.

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