St. John Parish upgrades water system

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - The water system in St. John the Baptist Parish has been a problem for years, but now, the parish has a plan to fix it once and for all.

Water at the Lewis House doesn't always run smoothly.

"The water pressure has always been an issue in the parish," said Carol Lewis who lives in LaPlace. "If you're in the shower and your hair is full of shampoo. You need the pressure to get the shampoo out, you could be standing there a long time."

Low water pressure, sometimes even no water at all, is a common problem in LaPlace. It's something St. John the Baptist Parish has been trying to fix.

"We've made significant improvements in quality of water, but ultimately we need something that's permanent and will work in the middle of storms," said Natalie Robottom, the St. John the Baptist Parish President.

Right now, LaPlace gets water piped in from wells, but that 15 mile pipeline is old and not always reliable. During storms, like Hurricane Isaac, homes went without water for days. It's why parish leaders are considering ways to source water from the Mississippi.

"It's something consistent with what the other parishes utilize," said Robottom."That's river water, it's a source that's always there. Everyone knows and understand the requirement for treating it." Robottom believes that could make things a little easier for residents.

The rest of St. John Parish already gets its water from the Mississippi. Parish leaders say they've got another project going on to improve those systems, as well. The end goal is to connect all systems so no area of the parish is left dry.

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