Landrieu calls for 100 state troopers on permanent basis

City and national leaders gathered on Tuesday to discuss the mass shooting on Bourbon Street that has captured international attention, issuing a call to action for residents of New Orleans.

Video shows the chaos that erupted early Sunday morning in the 700 block of Bourbon Street. Police say two young men decided to settle a personal dispute with guns. Ten people were shot, caught in the crossfire of the gunfight.

During a news conference to update the public on the status of the investigation, Mayor Mitch Landrieu called on Gov. Bobby Jindal to send 100 troopers to the city "on a permanent basis."

Landrieu described what happened Sunday as "infuriating," calling the situation a "humanitarian crisis."

"I am making a clarion call to every level of the government, to protect our streets both state, federal and local," said Landrieu. "I have sent a letter to President Obama with a copy of a letter that I sent last year requesting that the federal government get back into the business of fighting crime."

Landrieu was joined by U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite. Polite had strong words to the public, telling the community to get off the sidelines and help law enforcement find the gunmen who shot ten on Bourbon Street.

"Whether you recognize it or not, whether you accept it or not, you are in the middle of a battle -- the new battle for the city of New Orleans."

Polite did not mince words, stating citizens are either with law enforcement or against them.

A new call for the public to get involved comes following new information about the ten victims. Six victims are from out of state, one being from as far away as Australia, police said Tuesday.

Just before the briefing, New Orleans police released the following information about the victims. Residency is listed in bold:

  • 21-year-old female who remains in the hospital in critical condition. Hammond
  • 19-year-old female who remains in the hospital in stable condition. Arkansas
  • 18-year-old male who mains in the hospital in stable condition. New Orleans
  • 35-year-old male who remains in the hospital in stable condition. Mississippi
  • 21-year-old female who remains in the hospital in stable condition. Australia
  • 22-year-old male. Harvey
  • 22 year-old male. New Orleans
  • 17 year-old female. Alabama
  • 20-year-old female. Alabama
  • 39-year-old male. Florida

No arrests have been made. Police are searching for two men caught on surveillance video as 'persons of interest' in the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 504-822-1111.

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