Hundreds of sharks gather off Pensacola Pass

On the west side of Pensacola Pass, dotting the sand bar - hundreds of sharks.

"I fish in and out of here and sure we'll see shark periodically but I don't ever remember seeing anything like that," said Steve Olive with Orange Beach Helicopter Tours.

Flying over the sandbar at about 250 feet, sharks are everywhere. We spot one outside of some bait fish, and then it looks like he grabs a snack.

At this time of day the tide is going out, and it could be a dinner bell for all the sharks in the area for an easy meal.

"You know you can tell people about this, they won't believe it," Olive said.

Accessible only by boat or a very long hike, Pensacola Pass is the only access to the Gulf from Pensacola Bay.

"It's a nature lover's dream out here," Olive said.

Almost on cue, a pod of dolphin enter the picture, joined later by another, larger pod.

"It's really impressive to watch that school of dolphin go through there and the sharks just give them their space. Everybody does their thing," Olive said.

But it's the sheer number of sharks that maybe the most impressive.

"My guess is they've been doing that a lot longer than we've been hanging out at the beach," Olive said. "But it's just very impressive to see."