Arbitrator rules Jimmy Graham a tight end

The decision is in.

In what's become a long, exhausting debate over Jimmy Graham being a tight end or wide receiver, arbitrator Stephen Burbank has ruled Graham is a tight end.

Arguing on behalf of Graham, the NFL Player's Association maintained that Graham should be considered a wide receiver because that's where he played the majority of his snaps in 2013.

Arguing for the Saints, the NFL Management Council said Graham was a tight end because that's where he was drafted, that's where he attends meetings, and that's even what his Twitter profile declares him.

Ultimately, Burbank sided with the Saints.

The franchise tag for a tight end is worth just over $7 million. The tag for a wide receiver is just over $12 million.

In a statement, the NFLPA says they will review Burbank's decision and advise Graham on his options. Graham can appeal to a three-person panel. That decision is ultimately final.

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