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Northeast Jackson woman faces charges for rescuing pit bull

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Northeast Jackson woman is facing criminal charges after rescuing a pit bull who almost lost its life.

Penny was rescued by a good Samaritan who found her tied to a light post covered with flees and ticks in Clinton.

She was nursed back to health and turned over to Leah Wesley, who rescues and fosters pit bulls for a living. While in Wesley's care, Penny was involved in a brutal dog fight and almost killed by an unleashed mix breed.

"Madden my bigger pit mix got involved and helped get the dog off of Penny," said Wesley.  Reporter: but she was laying in the street right? She was laying in the street. The vet said she had severe lacerations to her neck the only reason she survived was because she was so overweight," Wesley explained.

The man who originally rescued Penny in Clinton asked Wesley if he could take her back to get her healthy after that fight.

"It wasn't safe for Penny to return to my home and I also didn't want her in boarding because there were too many dogs," said Wesley. "At that point penny's previous owner had contacted me and said I'm about to move to California let Penny stay here for a bit and when I move you can come back to get her."

Wesley says while in the original owner's care - Clinton Police found out she was in his home and animal control picked her up and turned her over to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League to be put to sleep. The city has an ordinance banning pit bull breeds.

Penny was then taken by animal control and turned over to Mississippi Animal Rescue League to potentially be put to sleep.

Wesley got her lawyers involved and in order to keep Penny, she had to agree to 2 charges of harboring a vicious animal.

"The only way we got her out, was Randy Moore said that I would have to be cited for harboring, 2 charges of harboring a vicious animal in Clinton, MS," Wesley explained.

In order to keep Penny, Wesley agreed to the charges and through negotiations one of the charges was dropped.

"And again it's not about the charges, I don't care (laughs) I could not care less about that. I'll write a $200 check right now, it's about the abuse of power that took place," she said.

Wesley is due in court August 13th.

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