Crime concerns in French Quarter, Marigny spark overflow crowd at neighborhood meeting

For residents across the Marigny and French Quarter, the concerns are similar – they're worried about ongoing attacks, shootings and robberies across the NOPD's 5th and 8th Districts.

Thursday evening, a crowd of residents spilled outside a neighborhood crime meeting at district headquarters.

"I'm a new resident in the Marigny and just started construction on a new house," said Gary Rinck. "So I'm a little concerned of what's going on."

NOPD officials began the meeting by going over some of the recent problems, pointing to arrests made by officers.

Some residents and business owners expressed appreciation, but their fears are not at ease.

"We love the officers that are here. We appreciate the ones that have found the suspects, but we're the ones that walk the streets without a gun, without a police badge, without protection," said Kappa Horn, owner of Horn's Restaurant.

Marigny resident Ken Caron volunteers with the Cops 8 program.

He echoes the knowledge of most people across the district; manpower issues remain the biggest challenge.

"They're really, really doing as much as they can, and they need some support from the city," Caron said. "We're very fortunate we've had the state police here and we've had a lot of people in the French Quarter working from the police department, and it makes a big, big difference. They're short-staffed. There's no question about it."

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