NOPD detective pleads not guilty to attempted murder charge

FOX 8 file photo
FOX 8 file photo
File photo: Hurst in 2011
File photo: Hurst in 2011

A detective with the New Orleans Police Department pleaded not guilty Monday to attempted murder and battery charges.

Robert Hurst, a 10 year veteran of the NOPD, was placed on emergency suspension without pay on Friday following allegations of domestic abuse on.

The Public Integrity Bureau launched an investigation into Hurst on April 25, 2014 after receiving a complaint, police say. The investigation is ongoing.

In conjunction with the PIB investigation, the New Orleans District Attorney's Office filed criminal charges against Hurst on Friday.

He has been charged with attempted second degree murder and relative simple battery.

Hurst's attorney, Eric Hessler, described the accuser as a "disgruntled girlfriend." Hessler said he's confident his client will ultimately be cleared.

Hurst is a 10-year veteran of the NOPD and was most recently assigned to the Fifth District.

Hurst made headlines in March of 2011 after photos and videos posted on a video-upload website showed a woman wearing a real NOPD uniform shirt inside two Uptown bars. Sources have identified Hurst as the officer in those pictures, still wearing what appears to be his uniform pants and a T-shirt.

Following the incident, Hurst was briefly assigned to desk duty.

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