Vigil remembers woman killed in Bourbon Street shooting

FOX 8 photo
FOX 8 photo

A candlelight vigil remembers a victim of the Bourbon Street shooting.

Dozens of family and friends came out to remember 21-year-old Brittany Thomas. A hurting community came together to mourn, pray and remember after the shooting left Thomas dead and nine others wounded.

"Not her, a sweet girl that doesn't bother anybody," said high school friend Miracle Dillon. "And this is what happens."

Friends and family lit candles at Zemurray Park, wearing support on their hearts. Thomas's sister tells us she was a nursing student in Baton Rogue, set to graduate in a few months.

"Brittany was the life of the party," said sister Brandy Pinestraw. "Everybody was proud of her."

But now they can only hope anyone with information speaks up and helps get justice for Brittany Thomas.

"I hope they catch the guy because our family is still upsetting," said Marcus McCray, Thomas's cousin. "This is still getting to us. Everyone is upset."

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