New audio tapes reveal emergency response, aftermath of Bourbon Street shooting

FOX 8 has obtained audio tapes of witnesses and first-responders in the early morning hours following the Bourbon Street shooting that wounded 10 people – one fatally – in late June.

The tapes reveal how emergency dispatchers coordinated several units between Bourbon Street, the trauma center and Tulane Hospital. The soundbites are in each of the video clips above.

Listening back on the tragic day, EMS Director Dr. Jeffrey Elder says the first paramedic on the scene showed an incredible ability to locate and treat patients in the midst of chaos.

"She got there, she got to some of the first victims," explained Dr. Jeffrey Elder. "They were telling her look there's somebody down here that they're doing CPR on. A policeman helped wave her over with his flashlight and she was able to go and hit patient, patient, patient, because if you don't know they're a patient, you can't get to them."

Coordination between the hospitals, fire department, police department, witnesses and EMS was key, even as medics battled traffic as they rushed to the scene.

"We're getting close. Got any idea the best way getting in there without getting stuck in a traffic jam behind all these other units?" stated responding officials.

"Ultimately, we had I believe seven patients to the trauma center and two of the least critical were taken to Tulane Medical Center where they received great care as well. So I think the system really worked for our patients," said Elder.

EMS revisits the system after every major incident to ensure they are best prepared for the next emergency.

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