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Thibodaux Police tackle city's crime "hot spots" with stats

Thibodaux Police are investigating a shooting that happened in the 200 block of Sanders St. earlier this week. 

It's quiet now, but Tiffany Breaux admits sometimes she's on edge sitting outside her home.

"Nervous," Breaux says. "I'm worried the bullets is going to come through my window next. Breaux's home is right in front of Sanders Street, where at least three shootings have happened in the last few months. The latest was Monday morning.

It's a problem Thibodaux Police know about. Crime numbers show Sanders St. as one of the city's "hot spots" for crime, but those statistics are also helping officer scale back problems.

"We look at the data," said Thibodaux Police Chief Scott Silverii. "We track historical information."

The department keeps close records of where and when crime happens.

"Once we establish the time and place, which is usually a two hour period, we assign officers to those locations during those times and they patrol just that specific geographic area," said Silverii. Thibodaux says by focusing on these "hot spots," officers work smarter and not harder.

Under this new system, Silverii says he hasn't had bring in extra officers or call in overtime.

"What we've seen is historic reduction to things that causes social harm," said Silverii. " For example, criminal damage to property, anything to breaking mirrors to keying your vehicle, we've seen a 53 percent reduction. Theft is down 25 percent citywide." The department credits a more notable presence of officers for these changes.

And despite the most recent incident in her neighborhood, Breaux says seeing more police makes her feel safer.

"Everyday you'll see one pass, looking up and down the street," said Breaux.

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