Police: Morgan City drug dealer, 62-year old user arrested

MORGAN CITY, LA (WVUE) - A man being arrested on drug charges became violent and threatened officers after narcotics detectives found several illegal substances and paraphernalia in a home with young children.

Michael Francois Jr., 23, of Lawrence Street, was booked with possession with intent to distribute cocaine; possession of marijuana, synthetic marijuana, Xanax and hydrocodone; possession of drug paraphernalia; illegal use of controlled drugs in the presence of juveniles; public intimidation; resisting an officer; and on a hold for probation and parole

Ora Garner, 62, of Lawrence Street, was booked with illegal use of a controlled drug in the presence juveniles. Police said a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old were at the home when the search warrant was executed.

During his arrest, Francois became unruly and began to threaten officers, saying he would have to be killed or he would kill someone, according to police. As officers tried to escort Francois from the house, he began to strike his head against a wall and then broke free from an officer and smashed into a toilet.

Police said he refused medical treatment and was placed in a holding cell at the Morgan City Jail.

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