Waist Watchers: 'The stomach shrinking diet'

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This time of year, some of us are doing extra sit-ups and stomach crunches to look good in our swimsuits.

But one doctor says eliminating just one ingredient from your diet is the real solution to a slimmed down stomach.

It's the season of slim bodies sporting swimsuits on beaches across the country. Not surprisingly, it puts pressure on some to tone up their tummies. Slimming your stomach and maintaining that physique year round requires a lot of work.

"For the stomach, I usually would do about three sets of ten for exercise," said Kristie.

"Crunches, of course, are key. But also I run sprints," added Bailey.

"Even if just doing arms, always end with abs every day," said Alixx.

These ladies know all too well the challenges of maintaining a flat and toned tummy. They're members of the Saintsations, cheerleaders for the New Orleans Saints.

In order to stay in top shape, they stick to a strict workout routine.

They admit their workout is a key part of the reason they have toned tummies. But can anyone achieve this fit look?

One doctor says yes you can.

Dr. William Davis claims in his new book "Wheat Belly" that this is the "stomach shrinking diet " to help you shed those extra pounds, at least ten pounds in two weeks.

He says eliminating wheat from your diet this summer is the solution to a flatter stomach.

Davis is a cardiologist who has treated thousands of patients with heart disease and other deadly effects of obesity.

The physician says his studies show wheat and foods made with wheat widen your waistline.

He says that's because modern day wheat has been cross-bred and genetically altered to create a more disease resistant crop

But Dr. Davis says those changes have also transformed modern wheat into a "super-carb" food.

According to Dr. Davis, when you eat food with wheat, your body converts it into blood sugar faster than any other food. That's not good because it increases your insulin level. Insulin is the hormone that then converts that extra blood sugar to fat.

And guess where it's stored? It's stored primarily around your stomach area.

He says by simply eliminating wheat and foods made with wheat, you will stop the spiking of your insulin levels and the conversion of blood sugar to extra fat

The result: Your stomach will go from flabby to fit quickly.

New Orleans Physiologist Dr. Lauri Byerley is an expert on how foods impact your body.

FOX 8 asked her if this 'no wheat belly diet' could work.

"It could. It might because again you are taking some foods out of your diet which will reduce your calories," said Dr. Byerley.

On the no-wheat diet, participants have to eliminate every trace of wheat from their diet. That means no bread, no cookies, no pasta or any of the comfort fried foods.

It also means no sugary snacks like chocolates and ice-cream or condiments like jellies or jams.

No energy bars or gluten free foods.

Instead, one need to eat more lean proteins such as low fat meats as well as veggies, nuts and seeds to lower your cholesterol and stabilize your blood sugar level.

"On the surface, while it looks like it is good; in the long haul it's not going to be the best," said Dr. Byerley.

Dr. Byerley says maintaining such a diet long-term will be tough unless you are extremely disciplined with your eating habits.

"It's more than eating wheat that got you there and you need to change those habits and you need to eat a variety of foods," she explained. "You need to eat those foods in moderation and you need to include activity."

She also cautions about any diet that has you dropping a lot of weight, like ten pounds in a two week period.

Her advice: If you're trying to lose those extra love handles, set long term goals for your weight loss and don't expect it to come off quickly. Incorporate more lean meats and low fat foods. If you treat yourself to higher calorie or fatty foods, only eat in small amounts and in moderation. Do some sort of activity to keep your body moving.

It's advice these physically fit Saintsations agree with.

They watch what they eat, but do treat themselves as long as it's in moderation.

"I think if the weight came off that quickly it might just come back on that quickly once you add whole grains back in," said Kristie.

"I think that cutting something out, two weeks after you are craving it," added Bailey.

"I don't think there is quick solution too quick and easy because, obviously, it's not that easy to lose the weight in that short time," said Alixx.

So if need to shrink that stomach quickly, the no wheat diet may help you achieve that short term goal.

But incorporating daily stomach crunching exercises and other physical activities and having an overall healthy diet may be the best bet.

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