FOX 8 Press Club Awards 2014

The New Orleans Press Club honored a number of our colleagues at the 2014 annual awards banquet: 

Sports feature- 3rd place, Sean Fazende "She's a knockout"

Sports still photography- 1st place John Snell, Saints photography

Best sportscast- 3rd place, Chad Sabadie
                                 - 1st place, Fred Hickman

Best sports blog-  2nd place, Sean Fazende "After further review"

Best still photography- 1st place, John Snell "Mushroom cloud"

Best website- 1st place,

Internet best special section: Lee Zurik, Tom Wright (Investigative Producer) "Louisiana Purchased"

TV videography feature- 2nd place, Dave McNamara, Heart of Louisiana: "Blacksmith"

TV videography photo essay- 2nd place, Dave McNamara, Heart of Louisiana "Buggy racing"

TV videography editing- 2nd place, Edwin Goode (Sports Photographer), "She's a knockout"

TV videography documentary- 1st place, Dave McNamara 

Public affairs. 3rd place, Bobby Brennan (Senior Producer) "Weathering the Storm"

Public Affairs: 1st place, John Snell  "Disappearing Defenses"

Editorial- 3rd place, Jim Henderson  "Black and gold breakdown" 

Documentary videography- 2nd place, Paul Rodgers (Photographer) "Dissappearing defenses"  

General news- 1st place, Nancy Parker "Officer Apologizes"

Breaking news- 1st place staff: Indictment of Ray Nagin

Best weather: Nicondra Norwood, 3rd place
       Bob Breck, 1st place

Investigative- 1st place, Lee Zurik and Tom Wright "Body of Evidence"  

Feature-1st place, Jen Hale, "Tree of love"

Presidents Television Photography Award, Dave McNamara