DA gets fiery at Marigny crime meeting

Concerns and frustrations about crime drew dozens of people to a town hall meeting Monday in the Marigny.

Residents wanted to hear what police and the criminal justice system are doing to make their neighborhood a safer place to live and work, and what they heard was a district attorney who shares their frustration.

"You're disturbed and you're upset and that's not acceptable," said DA Leon Cannizzaro. "You know, I see in my neighborhood, they say 'fix my streets. I pay taxes!' Hey, for goodness sakes, make me safe. I pay taxes in the city of New Orleans! It seems to me that should be our battle cry. Make the city of New Orleans safe."

Cannizzaro said the Bourbon Street shooting got the state's attention and brought in the help from State Police. But he argues the troopers should always be part of the crime fighting force in the city.

Police Chief Ronal Serpas said the State Police presence makes it possible for the NOPD to make better use of limited personnel.