Fix My Streets meeting draws hundreds demanding repairs

Hundreds of people turned out in Lakeview on Tuesday to demand that their streets be repaired.

The town hall meeting organized by a grassroots neighborhood group drew city leaders who agreed that there are major problems. Some suggested increasing the taxes while others proposed the creation of a street management plan. All agreed that money is the obstacle.

"It is not an easy thing to take on, because quite honestly, the cost continues to grow," said Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant.

"We have under funded fixing our streets for at least two administrations, and now it's time to get started," said Councilman Jason Williams.

Grant said it would cost $9 billion to fix all of the streets and infrastructure that needs attention, but the administration is committed to working with groups like Fix My Streets Nola to get the job done. The group is planning to collect data on which streets need to be repaired first, and they'll continue to hold meetings to keep residents updated on the plans.

Many came out of the meeting saying they're pleased that someone is stepping up to tackle the issue.

"Our main critical thing is for them to work with us as citizens and get it solved," said one Algiers resident.

When asked for a show of hands in reference to raising taxes to fix streets, a large number of the group of about 700 residents raised their hands in support.

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