Carjacking victim's car found; police seek 3 additional suspects

Source: NOPD
Source: NOPD
Source: NOPD
Source: NOPD

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a carjacking in Metairie on Saturday. Police are searching for three additional suspects.

The victim's car was found Tuesday by Fourth District detectives and is being processed for evidence.

Antonio Marcelin, 19, was arrested, and Jefferson Parish deputies say there are plenty of questions left unanswered.

A mother and daughter driving down the 600 of block Bonnabel Boulevard told police that armed men in a green Ford Explorer forced them out and took off in their black Cobalt.

Investigators have determined that the victims stopped to offer assistance to the suspects in a green Ford Explorer. At this point, police say the men forced the women to the ground and drove off in their car.

A neighbor's security system caught part of the carjacking on tape. Big Lee, who owns Big Lee's Towing, has several cameras around his home. The footage shows a Chevrolet Cobalt slowing down and pulls towards the shoulder on Bonnabel Boulevard. The vehicle pulls alongside a Ford Explorer.

What happened next wasn't caught on camera, but the victim told deputies the suspects ordered her and her daughter out of their Cobalt and onto the ground. The gunmen drove off in her car.

The suspects left behind their green Ford Explorer. The vehicle was towed away and latent prints and DNA were obtained from the vehicle.

Police say an investigation into the vehicle led detectives to Antonio Marcelin. Marcelin, who owns the vehicle, began by telling investigators someone had stolen his Explorer.

Police say they did not believe Marcelin, pointing out inconsistencies in his story.

Marcelin then proceeded to tell investigators that he was in Algiers Saturday evening when two men - known to him only as "Lil Hen" and "J" - asked him for a ride to Kenner. They offered to put gas in his Explorer, which he agreed to, police say.

As he was driving on the interstate, Marcelin claims his Explorer began to overheat. Marcelin tells police he stopped on Bonnabel Boulevard.

According to Marcelin, "Lil Hen" and "J" began to panic because they were in Jefferson Parish armed with a handgun and an AK-47 assault rifle. He tells police they began to panic when the vehicle would not start.

Police say at this point, the men attempted to wave down a vehicle, eventually leading to a black Chevy Cobalt stopping to help.

Marcelin tells investigators that "J" used the victim's cell phone as "Lil Hen" exited the Explorer with an AK-47. Marcelin tells police "J" and "Lil Hen" ordered the victim and her daughter to exit the Cobalt.

Marcelin did not say who drove the Cobalt as they fled onto I-10. The suspects allegedly traveled to the Jackson Landing Apartments in Algiers where Marcelin claimed they left the Cobalt.

The vehicle, bearing Louisiana plates WTM 308 has not been recovered.

Marcelin was transported to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center where he was booked with accessory to armed Robbery. Marcelin has one prior arrest for possession of stolen things.

Computer research on the name "Lil Hen" resulted in the development of Hendrick Porter. Marcelin positively identified Porter in a photo line-up. Police have yet to locate him.

Porter has a lengthy arrest record. He has arrests as a juvenile for simple battery, illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile, aggravated assault, aggravated criminal damage to property, weapons charges, theft, attempted simple robbery and status offenses. He has juvenile convictions for aggravated assault, possession of a firearm and attempted simple robbery.

As an adult, Porter has arrests for possession of marijuana and disturbing the peace.  He is currently wanted by NOPD for a home invasion and aggravated assault. Porter is also listed as a member of the "7 Gang."

Efforts are underway to positively identify the remaining suspects in this investigation. Although Marcelin only described two other men involved in the incident, investigators say four total men were involved.

Anyone with information in this investigation, or who may know the whereabouts of Hendrick Porter or the black Chevy Cobalt, is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Kevin Balser at 504-364-5300 or CRIMESTOPPERS.

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