Houma veterans shelter at risk of closing gets $15K

The Tri Parish Veterans Shelter in Houma has always fought to find funding. Now the group that helps so many is getting some aid in return.

Terrebonne Parish is proposing a $15,000 shot in the arm for the shelter.

"These guys started out with donations. They need some stability in the organization," said Parish President Michel Claudet. "We need to make sure they can continue with this good work."

The shelter opened up a year ago. Since then, 39 veterans have come through its doors. The group provides a place to sleep and meals for veterans down on their luck.

"This is a home that I will never forget," said Michael Joseph Jordan, a Navy veteran. "I'm doing great!"

The same with Ronald Thompson. Thompson served in the Navy in the 80s. Before he found the shelter, he was living on the streets.

"Whenever flooding got bad, when it rains, you had to stay under a bridge," said Thompson. He says Tri Parish Shelter Director Roger Songe helped get him back on his feet.

Songe says the shelter was on the verge of shutting down.

"We didn't know who to turn to," said Songe. "We were going to shut this down in November."

Now the building on 354 Grand Caillou Road will stay open as place for veterans to meet and stay.

The group plans to expand services, but doesn't know if funding will allow for that yet. They're raffling off a lawn mower to raise more money. You can purchase a ticket by calling 985-872-9190.