Heart of Louisiana: Singer-songwriters take the stage at Chelsea's

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - If you are a frustrated singer-songwriter who would like to find a place to perform, there is an audience that gathers once a month to hear aspiring musicians. FOX 8's Dave McNamara takes us to songwriters' night at Chelsea's Café in Baton Rouge in tonight's Heart of Louisiana.

Lynn Anzelmo spent eight years as a working musician on the hotel circuit before he decided to settle into the restaurant business. Now, he's trying to inspire other singer-songwriters.

"There is no money in it," he said. "It's something that we put together to give songwriters a chance to get on stage in front of a live audience and get feedback from their songs."

One night a month, aspiring musicians are invited to the stage at Chelsea's Café in Baton Rouge, an old building tucked away under an overpass. The only rule is that you have to sing your original songs.

Ray Corona is a musician by night and a kidney doctor by day.

"Because I can't make a living as a musician," Corona said. "Hopefully in the future I will."

"He write songs about lost love, cowboy wanna-bees, TV preachers and his observations on life.

"I'd rather play music than do medicine," he said. "Medicine is a nice career. Music is a passion, especially when you play your own music. And I've never heard a singer getting sued for a bad performance."

On this night, the singing doctor is followed onstage by attorney Steve Judice.

"This is a song about getting older," Judice said. "It's called b**** -slapped by the hands of time."

Ray Stumbo is a carpenter and a songwriter. He draws on his personal experiences as he debuts a new song about his dad, who grew up working a farm in the hills of eastern Kentucky. The music and lyrics tell stories, sometimes very personal stories

"It's just getting your music out there and seeing people's responses to your heart, basically," Stumbo said.

"These are people that just cannot not write songs," Anzelmo said. "They are in music, they been playing music most of their life and this is the culmination of their career right here."

Their passion to write and sing songs creates a unique experience as these performers share feelings and stories about life.

The next songwriters' night at Chelsea is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 21. For more information, click here.

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