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Longview woman reaches into kitchen cabinet and finds a rabid bat

Penwood Apartment Compex in Longview Penwood Apartment Compex in Longview
Bat found in kitchen cabinet Bat found in kitchen cabinet

An East Texas woman says when she opened her kitchen cabinet to grab the garlic on Thursday, she almost grabbed a bat. She found out Tuesday that bat tested positive for rabies.

The family evacuated their Penwood Apartment off of Scenic Drive in Longview and are staying in a different unit on the same property.

“We don't know how long it's been in here. They said it could have bit them and we would never know, so we have to get my kids checked and get shots,” says Whitney Dorsey, who lives in the apartment.

“She came next door and was like there's a bat in my kitchen!” says Kristina Resendiz, who lives in the same complex.

Resendiz says at first she didn’t believe Dorsey, “I came over and looked and I was like, ‘It's got to be fake.’ That was my first reaction to it and I walked in and saw it moving too.”

The group called 911 and let officials handle the bat.

“They just told us to be on the lookout and to be careful opening cabinets and things like that, and especially to be careful with the kids,” says Resendiz.

Resendiz says it’s not unusual to see bats in the trees next to her apartment, “When you're coming in or going in at night, you can see them flying back and forth. You have to be really careful.”

Still, she is surprised the bat in Dorsey’s apartment tested positive for rabies, “It was scary, especially with so many kids being around.”

Other people living in the Penwood Apartment complex say they had no idea a bat was found in a nearby apartment until they saw it on the news.

“We fought the problem before, but we hadn't been notified of a rabid bat found or that a bat had been found,” says Larry Barnett, a resident at Penwood Apartments.

Barnett says the apartment managers passed around flyers and information about the bats the last time the complex had issues. A Penwood Apartment manager said flyers were passed around only to apartments in the back of the complex on Tuesday.

Barnett says that’s not good enough. He believes everyone has a right to know about the bat found last week so they too can protect their kids.

The city of Longview Environmental Health Department says they do not believe any resident came in contact with the rabid bat.

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