Home invasion victim talks about being beaten, robbed

One suspect is in custody police are searching for two others after they forced their way into a New Orleans East home, and beat and robbed an 85-year-old man.

The attack happened Friday in the 5600 block of St. Helena place.

FOX 8 is concealing the identity of the victim, who spoke to us through a translator.

"When he was at the table, then two men came into the house," the translator said. "He didn't know what direction they came from. They approached directly at him, pointing guns at his head."

He said the armed men forced him onto the floor and then picked him up and locked him in a closet while they rummaged through the home.

"After that, they reached into the closet and pulled him out, and they began to search his body and found the golden necklace and the watch that he wears on his wrist, and they took both items," the translator said.

The victim said the gunmen wanted more and began questioning him about where they could find cash.

"He didn't know the language, so he just gave hand signals saying he didn't know, so they punch him in the back," the translator said.

Hurt and stunned, the 85-year-old man said the gunmen forced him back in the closet while they stole electronics and jewelry from the home before leaving.

Later that night, officers spotted a stolen Chevy Tahoe on Chef Highway, and a high-speed chase ensued. The Tahoe wrecked, and police apprehended 18-year-old Troy Hawk. They said Hawk was found with jewelry from the home invasion.

Two other suspects, 18-year-old Reginald Worley and 17-year-old Dorain Franklin are still wanted.

"We have a lot of problems lately, ya know?" said neighbor Minh Do.

Do said several of his neighbors have become victims over the past few months. He claims many have dealt with home break-ins.

"They keep coming back, keep coming back, and they are coming here with guns, and even worse, they coming with machine guns, so we are really afraid to stay in house," Do said.

Do said he has installed surveillance cameras and a security system to protect his family.

"Nobody can do anything about what happens to us, ya know? This community is getting worse and worse every day," Do said.

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