Contempt charge dismissed against Dave Peralta

The contempt of court motion alleging St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta violated his restraining order by emailing his former wife is being dropped, but only temporarily.

Dave Peralta's former wife Sharon Schaefer has a new lawyer, and he promises big changes in the way the overall alleged rape case will be handled from now on.

The new lawyer of Peralta's former wife, Stephen Rue, says this motion dismissal does not mean the end of the contempt of court discussion. In fact, he says they will be filing the motion again in the future.

Her lawyer says exactly when that will happen depends on when another hearing related to computers and information seized from Peralta's office is complete.

The parish claims that private client-attorney privileged communications were stored on those computers not just related to this alleged rape case, but for other parish involved cases including the 2010 BP oil spill.

The first hearing involving whether those seized documents should be returned to the parish was scheduled for 9:30 Monday morning, but the judge recused himself and a new judge must take his place before moving forward.

Sharen Schaefer's lawyer says expect to see a re-filing of the contempt of court motion claiming that Peralta violated a restraining order by contacting his ex-wife from multiple email addresses.

Peralta's lawyer in court Monday alleged that the motion was being dismissed because it was frivolous to begin with, but Rue disputed that.

"I'm smiling because we fully intend to file again at the appropriate time. I just enrolled as counsel this morning. If the viewers are patient, they'll see just how frivolous the allegations are. Now my client has an experienced attorney. Let's see what happens now," Rue said.

Sharon Schaefer's lawyer says when he does file the motion again in the future, he plans to include depositions with Peralta and others with information involved with the case.

Dave Peralta's attorney had no comment.

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