Police: Hang up or face fines in school zones

FOX 8 photo
FOX 8 photo

As students return to class this week, police warn drivers to hang up or face fines.

You may notice new signs in school zones. A new law went into effect August 1 banning the use of any wireless device, like a cell phone or computer, while driving through school zones.

This includes texting and posting to social media. The exception to the law is when there is an emergency, officers say.

State Police Trooper Melissa Matey says distractions can lead to a deadly situation.

"Distractions behind the wheel are terrible for any driver on the road. Studies have shown that 37 percent of your brain power is taken off the road and focused onto whatever distraction that it is, whether its a cell phone, passenger or conversation you're having in the car," said Matey.

The fine for first violation is $175. Additional fines can increase up to $500.

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