Workout Wednesday: Surfset Fitness

Wave Runner Plank: Hold your body in a push up position with hands directly underneath your shoulders. Abdominals should support your back rather than allowing your belly and hips to sink. To make your plank more challenging, draw one knee in towards your chest and then the other without changing the position of your body. You can do this slowly or progress to a faster pace to increase your heart rate.

Frog Hops: Straddle your board with bent knees and forearms on the board. Hop onto the board and back down to your straddle position getting low each time bringing your body into a deep squat. Keep the movement controlled and thoughtful rather than quick.

Squats: Stand on the board facing its side with feet a little wider than the hips. Begin to squat as low as you can with good technique, pressing into your heels and squeezing the backside of your legs and your butt as you stand. If you feel stable begin rocking the board front to back while doing your squats.

Knee Drop: Stand on board facing the nose with one foot forward and one foot back. Try to stand up with arms out to your sides. If you feel stable begin to bend both knees into a lunge and press evenly into both feet as you stand up. Make your movements smaller if you feel unstable, maybe you'll only bend your knees a couple of inches. To advance the movement add motion with your arms (i.e taking them from a goal post position to an overhead).

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