N.O. woman fighting for VA system overhaul applauds reform bill

For Gwen Nolan, the signing of the $16 billion VA reform bill is an important step forward.

"It's long overdue, and our guys, our veterans, they deserve it. They earned it," she said.

Nolan continues seeking justice for her father, Richard Moity, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, who died under the care of the VA system during a battle with cancer.

As FOX 8 first reported in June, Nolan said her father dealt with numerous problems throughout the treatment process.

In signing the reform bill Thursday, President Obama said the measure aims to overcome those types of failures.

"This is wrong. It was outrageous, and working together, we set out to fix it and do right by our veterans, across the board, no matter how long it took," Obama said.

The bill will allow veterans having trouble getting timely appointments to seek outside care. It also calls for the hiring of more doctors and nurses in the VA system.

The signing comes just a couple weeks after Gwen Nolan traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with lawmakers face-to-face.

"I wanted the people in the government to understand my dad's story and all the systematic failures that occurred, and why he slipped through the cracks," she said.

Nolan said she's pushing for legislation that will bring more transparency when it comes to investigations or reviews into situations like the one her family has endured.

"When we filed a complaint against the system and the doctor, they supposedly did a report. Yet we, the family, cannot get access to the report. We can't get access to results of the investigation," she said.

However, Nolan believes other important changes are happening, which she believes will leave a positive impact here in New Orleans.

She's now hoping for a total shift in philosophy in how the system treats the veterans who depend on it.

"You're not just a number. You're a person and we actually care about you, and we're concerned for your well being," Nolan said, conveying exactly how she believes the VA system should speak to veterans.

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