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Local Muslims, former military brass react to new bombing in Iraq

Local Muslims and former military leaders are speaking out about the latest U.S. air attacks on Iraq.

Some say it's unfortunate that much of the violence pits Muslim against Muslim. Others say the U.S. should have moved in sooner.

They came from across the city to worship at a St. Claude mosque just hours after the U.S. dropped bombs in Iraq once more.

Bakir Rajaobwala, a Pakistani Muslim said, "It's very unfortunate that the U.S. is bombing a country that's already been bombed before."

Dozens of Muslims come to pray every day and are now wondering about factions within their religion fighting once more in Iraq.

"I'm just a Muslim, I don't believe in these kinds of things ... because a Muslim is a Muslim," said Chaudron Fazil, also from Pakistan.

The fighting, which many blame on ISIL, a  Muslim group with Sunni ties, prompted new U.S. bombing in Iraq for the first time since 2011.

"What I know the fight is no good for anywhere, " said Drissa Sanogo, a Muslim from Ivory Coast.

We spoke with the former head of the Louisiana National Guard, Hunt Downer, who presided over the deployment of hundreds of Louisiana troops to two Iraqi operations.

"We ought to be over there kicking some butts, or those sacrifices were in vain," Downer said. "we ought to be doing it with other surrounding neighbors assisting, because it's gonna spill over."

"If they had taken control right from the beginning this would have been much easier," said Bakir Rajaobwala.

Secretary of State John Kerry is calling for the international community to stand with the U.S.

Kerry said, "For anyone who needed a wakeup call, this is it. ISIL is not fighting on behalf of Sunnis. ISIL is not fighting for a stronger Iraq. ISIL is fighting to divide and destroy Iraq."

Kerry also demands that Iraq to create a government that unites rather than divides.

"No one wants to lose their life, we all are human beings," said Sanogo, back on St. Claude Ave. 

Nearly 50,000 people have been forced from their homes and ordered to convert to Islam or face death.

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