Woman on 9th Ward porch describes bullets whizzing by, kids falling to the ground

The only adult who wasn't hit by the gunfire sprayed at a 9th Ward porch Sunday described the bullets whizzing by.

She requested that her identity be hidden for her protection.

"All I could see is, I'm like this, and all I could see is the fire from the bullets just missing me," the witness said. "Just really missing me. Like God was really with me and my nephew and my child, because were the only three that didn't get hit."

She said she had just gotten home from work when she sat down on the porch with Terrance McBride, 33. She said five minutes later, a car pulled up and someone inside opened fire.

"I couldn't do nothing," she said. "I couldn't move, I was scared to run, I was scared to do anything. I couldn't run off the porch cause the shots were just going everywhere."

She said the shooters had to see that the porch was filled with children, but they fired anyway.

"Everybody just fell," she said. "When they hit, everybody fell. Everybody fell when they hit them. Nobody could walk. The only one who was walking was the boy who got shot in the face - Kyle. Kyle who got shot in the face. His face was bloody he was just running up and down saying 'ah, ah.' His face was bloody, bloody, bloody. His eyes was closed. His face was bloody bloody."

She said her son took her cell phone and called 911 as she screamed for help, and she tried to care for the 2-year old victim.

"The little 2-year-old was on the porch over here with me. I had him. He had the big hole in his head," she said.

The witness said it was clear she wouldn't be able to help McBride and 16-year-old Jasmine Anderson.

A teddy bear and balloons now mark the spot where Anderson lost her life.

"She got the first hit. She hit the ground. She was gone as soon as she got hit," said the witness. "She didn't get in no trouble. She was a real good girl. That's what's killing me the most is Jasmine and those kids."

Those who could move, even though badly wounded, tried to help each other, she said, just as those who will have to live with the terrifying memories will hold and care for each other now.

"I'm so scared I can't sleep. I'm scared I don't know what to do. My head hurts so bad. I just can't stop thinking about this."

At an afternoon news conference, NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas said that police believe McBride was the intended target of the shooting.

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