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St. Tammany DA's brother, Richard Reed, arrested

Richard Reed, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Richard Reed, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office
Covington police say Richard Reed flashed them a 22nd Judicial District Attorney's investigator badge like the one shown in this image. Covington police say Richard Reed flashed them a 22nd Judicial District Attorney's investigator badge like the one shown in this image.

RichardReed, the brother of St. Tammany District Attorney Walter Reed, has beenarrested.

St. Tammany Jail states Richard Reed was booked with sexualbattery. He posted a $25,000 bond.

Police say that Reed, 65, made sexual advances on an intoxicatedwoman at The Chimes restaurant in Covington.

In a Louisiana Purchased investigation last week, the chief ofpolice in Covington said the brother of St. Tammany District Attorney WalterReed flashed a DA's office badge to try and get a woman out of trouble.

Richard Reed has never worked in the DA's office. In the past fewweeks, we've told you how he was a longtime employee at St. Tammany ParishHospital, but resigned in June. FOX 8 News and Times-Picayune uncoveredemails from the hospital that showed one employee writing that "St.Tammany Parish hospital made a position for Richard."

According to Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz, Reed was carrying a"wallet badge from the District Attorney's office." Lentz says hisofficers were called Sunday night to The Chimes restaurant in Covington becauseof a "very intoxicated female." He says the staff had to physicallyremove her from the bar.

Officers saw her in a car driving away, and they pulled it over.The driver turned out to be Richard Reed.

Covington police say Reed showed the officers the badge. Theyignored it and took the woman to the CovingtonPolice Department. Due to her high level of intoxication, police say medicalpersonnel were called to evaluate her for her own safety.

According to officers, Reed came to thepolice department several times that evening in an attempt to pick up the woman,whose name he did not know. Officers say they refused to release the woman toReed, allowing close friends to pick her up instead.

After reviewing video evidence of the incident,including dash cameras and police department surveillance cameras, police saythe incident warranted a further investigation.

A criminal investigation was launched againstReed, revealing that the female was so intoxicated that she was incoherent,police say. While inside the establishment, Covington police say Reed madesexual advances toward the incapacitated female that rose to the level of acriminal act.

Officers state that the victim resisted theadvances violently when she realized what was happening, kicking and punchingReed to get away. Police believe this is what led to a disturbance call to thepolice department.

Awarrant was obtained on Monday afternoon for Reed's arrest on a felony sexualbattery. Reed surrendered to officers Monday night at the police departmentwithout incident and was booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

Walter Reed released this statement on hisbrother:

While I am not privy to all the details ofwhat may or may not have happened, it is clear that this is an uncertainsituation. And while I love my brother, I can only speak for myself asRichard's brother and not in any official capacity. However, because thereseems to be an on-going investigation into this matter, additional commentbeyond what I can say about my brother would be inappropriate. In terms of theoffice of the St. Tammany and Washington Parish District Attorney,  I willappropriately recuse myself and my office regarding this issue. 

Questions still remain about the badge Richard Reed showed authorities.

"Even if he did have a legitimate business purpose with theDistrict Attorney's office, why did he have to flash that badge when he wasstopped by Covington police officers?" wonders Rafael Goyeneche, presidentof the Metropolitan Crime Commission. "He was clearly trying to use thatbadge to affect those officers' enforcement action that they were taking,trying to get them to back off of arresting and responding to a call forservice involving the young female that was in the backseat of Mr. Reed'scar."

When we asked WalterReed's office to comment on the incident, his campaign spokesman, MorganStewart, sent this statement:

Three decades ago, afterwinning his first election, [Walter] Reed handed out a few honorary badges as akeepsake. To our knowledge, there has not been any incidents regarding thesehonorary badges. The badges are strictly honorary and carry no weight of thelaw behind them. Thirty years later, Mr. Reed does not recall who received thebadges.

On May 1, we requested a list of all people who had commissions orbadges with office; they supplied a list, but Richard Reed was not on it.

"I've been told that because of this incident, the districtattorney's office has now taken that badge back from Richard Reed,"Goyeneche tells us. "So that shows that there wasn't a legitimate businesspurpose for him to have that badge. That was an honorary badge and that'sanother example of the poor judgment and the lack of leadership and a symptomof all of the disfunctionality that we've seen played out with the St. Tammanydistrict attorney's office over the last several months." 

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