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Hollygrove pothole is more like a cavern

Hollygrove residents are getting some help from the city in warning drivers of potential danger after a pothole has grown into a hidden cave.

On the surface, the pothole at Olive and Joliet looked much like any other, until the day it turned into a playground.

"Some kids were playing in the hole, and I thought someone would get hurt, and the ground was going to cave away," said neighbor Kenneth Jackson.

Inside the pothole extends about 4 feet down and about 8 to 10ten feet beneath the center of the road. In all, about 200 cubic feet in size.

"It's a cave," said Jackson. "It's a cave. You can crawl in it and lose yourself in it."

Jackson who operates a nearby car repair shop. He said he grew concerned a couple of weeks ago and took action.

"The trucks are passing back here in the back - the big trucks during school," he said. "All they're gonnna do is shake the ground real hard, and one of the truckers is going to cave in. Need a big tow truck to get him out or someone will get hurt real bad."

Jackson took it upon himself to put a sign in the hole. For a couple of weeks, it was the only thing marking it and  protecting people from a possible subsidence nightmare.. For awhile Tuesday, Jackson thought permanent repairs were about to be made.

"As we're speaking now, Sewerage and Water Board is coming down the street. They might be ready to work on it, I'm not sure," said Jackson.

But the trucks had somewhere else to go.

Jackson said he's glad that the water board has put up better barricades. He just hopes the cavern is filled and the road is repaired before the cavity grows any deeper.

The S&WB released the following statement Tuesday evening:

"We are in the process of evaluating and assessing the break in a 30" sewer main located at the intersection of Joliet and Olive streets. We have barricaded the area in question and begun the repair effort. However, we have no timeframe for completion at this time because we are still assessing the scope of the repair. No customers will be adversely affected during the repair period."

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