After ex-teacher posts bond, abuse victims fear for their lives

A former Washington Parish teacher facing more than 120 child sex abuse charges was released from jail Tuesday after posting bond.

Mothers of three sex abuse victims spoke to FOX 8, but asked for their identities to remain hidden.

"I can't explain how it makes me feel to know that he could be on the street," a victim's mother said.

The mothers said they fear Murray Joe Duncan, 45, will act out his threats.

"Fear of retaliation from him," one of the mothers explained, "for the threats that were made to my son if he spoke."

"He threatened to kill myself and my husband, is what she said," another victim's mother said.

The mothers said their children were ordered to remain quiet after, they said, Duncan sexually abused at least 7 kids a year ago.

"Sometimes she has nightmares," a mother explained. "She'll wake up and tell me she had a dream, and she'll say the perpetrator's name, and she'll say she's glad he's in jail."

However, Duncan is no longer behind bars.

Duncan has been booked with more than 120 criminal counts, including child pornography, video voyeurism, aggravated incest and molestation of a juvenile.

Monday, District Court Judge Reginald Badeaux, III reduced Duncan's bond from $500,000 to $250,000.

Duncan's parents bailed him out on Wednesday, according to the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office.

"Everyone should know that he's out. Everyone around here. For the safety of their kids. I think everyone should know that," one of the mothers said.

Duncan is well-known in the small community of Mount Hermon. He was a special education teacher, a church deacon, and a coach.

"We've been here all our lives, so we know him pretty good. Thought you could trust somebody like that," a mother said.

"Mr. Duncan was certainly a menace to children in his community that he did sexually abuse children that were in his care," said Chief Deputy Mike Haley of the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office.

Now, because of his infamy and the quick word of mouth in the small town, Haley said he expects Duncan will stay home.

"I would imagine if Mr. Duncan is back in the community that he keep a very very low profile. In fact, I would recommend that he do so," said Haley.

For the mothers, however, the chance of Duncan venturing out, even while wearing a GPS monitor, is too much to cope with. They're hoping the community will rally together and demand Duncan is returned to jail, especially as they worry about their children's safety and their children fear retaliation.

The mothers also strongly encouraged everyone to familiarize themselves with the indicators of sexual abuse.

Duncan is scheduled for a pre-trail hearing with the tentative date of Sept. 15, according to the Washington Parish Court Clerk.

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