Former NOPD officer re-sentenced in case of burned body

A federal judge rejected a downward sentence Friday for former New Orleans Police Officer Gregory McRae in the burning of 31-year-old Henry Glover's body in the days after Hurricane Katrina.

McRae had previously been sentenced to 17 years in jail, but part of his conviction was overturned.

Friday, that 17-year sentence remained unchanged.

McRae's lawyer says an explanation of his actions, not justification, was his mental state post-Katrina.

Attorneys for the government reminded the court that McRae never told anyone about the burning of Glover's body until the trial.

McRae took the stand and apologized to the Glover family saying, "what I did was shameful and thoughtless, but it was not done as a coverup."

In the end, Judge Africk said that McRae's actions after the burning compounded the obstruction of justice charge and those actions over many years after the burning pointed to a cover up, and not to the result of PTSD.

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