Lower Ninth Ward residents worry about future of neighborhood

5400 Block of Burgundy
5400 Block of Burgundy

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Lower Ninth Ward residents say they're seeing improvements in their neighborhood a week after a gunman killed two people and wounded five others on Burgundy. But they continue to worry about the future of the area.

Amongst the teddy bears, balloons and pictures, "Stop the Violence" signs mark the spot in front of a home where a mass shooting erupted last Sunday night. Resident Chianti Jones says, "It's ridiculous, it's just a sad situation."

Resident Leshown Davis adds, "I don't know how you would fix it but it needs to stop, it's a shame."

The people who live near the shooting scene say they're fed up with a few bad people coming into their neighborhood, creating crime and violence. They note beefed up police patrols this past week are improving things. "It's been pretty, pretty quiet since they've been around and I see them roll around every block. It's great cause I haven't seen many bad people out as you would usually," said Davis.

But they know the additional officers and state troopers they're seeing, won't last forever. "Keep it up and we'll be alright," said Janet Thomas.

"I know this isn't like a high class area but they need to be present more instead of waiting for something bad to happen to have them come around riding like that," said Jones.

Police just arrested the two men they say are responsible for Sunday's shooting. Blair Taylor, 21, is the man who allegedly shot and killed 16-year-old Jasmine Anderson and 33-year-old Terrance McBride. Investigators say 25-year-old Jeffrey Rivers was in the car with Taylor and acted as his accomplice. Alanna Romain, 32, her three kids and another person were also injured.

While neighbors we spoke to are glad to hear of the arrests, they still worry about the future of their neighborhood and their families, because of the escalating violence. "My fear is for the young children because they have no guidance and it's just sad and I just hope one day they'll learn a lesson from this," said Jones.

Blair Taylor now faces degree murder charges and Rivers faces principle to first degree murder.

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