Police: Man rolled over by 18-wheeler was previously struck

Police believe that an unidentified man had already been struck in the roadway when an 18-wheeler rolled over his body.

The accident was reported around 2 a.m. Monday on westbound I-10 just before the Carrollton exit.

An 18-wheeler was traveling in the right lane of the highway when he rolled over an unidentified man, police say.

Officers say that a preliminary investigation revealed that the man had already been struck in the roadway. Investigators are in the process of determining when and how the man was initially struck.

All lanes have been re-opened following the accident. FOX 8 will continue to update the story as details become available.

This is a stretch of I-10 that is very dark at night. In fact, the street lights have been out for months. The city is currently replacing broken lights and upgrading the infrastructure, a $1.7 million project. Crews started near the St. Tammany line and are working west but have not reached this stretch yet.

There has been word yet if the lack of light played a factor in the early-morning crash. It is part of the investigation as the New Orleans police are looking into exactly what happened.

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