Trending: 'Daddy took my ear' and icy buckets of water

While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped… Here's what's trending today.

Daddy took my ear and nose!

A little boy is devastated after his father stole his ear and nose.

It's a typical dad trick. However, this little guy it not too happy about it.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Jesse Fulcher and has become the newest viral sensation.

Robin Williams' message of hope

Since the death of Robin Williams, a number of people have come forward with inspiring stories about how he touched their lives.

This video is perhaps one of the most inspiring. A few months before his death, Williams sent a video to a terminal cancer patient.

Meeting Williams was on her 'wish list' of things to do before she passed.


... And still trending nationally is the #ALSIceBucket challenge.

It seems like everyone is getting involved.

FOX 8's Lee Zurik is among the latest to take the challenge, dumping ice-cold water on his head on air Monday night.

The FOX 8 Morning Edition was challenged by John Snell:

They are taking the challenge live Tuesday morning on the FOX 8 Morning Edition.

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