Naughty Neighborhoods: Top 10 N.O. areas with most affairs

© Brand X Pictures / Thinkstock
© Brand X Pictures / Thinkstock

When it comes to monogamy, some areas of New Orleans have a harder time sticking with one partner than others., a self-described discreet dating site, released a list Tuesday of the neighborhoods with the most extramarital affairs. Of the 36,000 New Orleans "cheaters" registered to the site, the most willing to break their wedding vows by hooking up with someone else live in the Uptown area.

Gentilly and the French Quarter round out the top three zip codes.

"The New Orleans data is consistent with what we've seen in other cities," says founder and CEO Noel Biderman. "Affluence is a common element found on most cities' top ten lists while the proclivity to cheat often goes hand in hand with opportunity. Those with discretionary income and freedom to travel are even more likely to stray."

According to the website, 44% of philanderers in the Big Easy are women with an average age of 36. Adulterers in Mid-City have the most children on average. And Uptown has the most men looking for single women.

Here is the entire top 10 list:

1. Uptown 9.3%

2. Gentilly 8.8%

3. French Quarter 8.7%

4. Central Business District 8.5%

5. Carrollton 8.4%

6. Lakeview 8%

7. Algiers Point 7.6%

8. Irish Channel 7.1%

9. Mid-City 6.8%

10. New Orleans East 6.3% has more than 15 million members in the U.S.

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