Jindal supports reversal of Edmonson pension boost


Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Gov. Bobby Jindal believes the last-minute passage of a pension hike for his State Police superintendent, Col. Mike Edmonson, was improperly handled, according to the governor's office.

Jindal spokesman Mike Reed said Tuesday that the governor will support efforts to reverse the law change in the next legislative session. Reed said while Jindal knew the change helped Edmonson, he didn't realize the legislation only affected two people when he signed it into law.

The change, which carries a $300,000 price tag over five years, has drawn significant criticism as a backroom deal for a political insider.

Edmonson has said he won't take the increase.

The State Police Retirement System board is holding a Sept. 4 meeting to review recommendations from its attorneys, who say the retirement boost wasn't properly passed.

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