Road repairs on the minds of Lakeview residents ahead of community meeting

FOX 8 photo (courtesy Carolyn Scofield)
FOX 8 photo (courtesy Carolyn Scofield)

More New Orleans residents meet Tuesday night to discuss the priorities for city leaders this upcoming year.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is hosting several community meetings ahead of the city's budget process this fall. Monday night's meeting in Algiers brought out hundreds of people who spoke about everything from more money for police services to better elderly care.

Wednesday's meeting is in Lakeview where many residents will likely ask about road repairs. Bad streets are a major concern around the city.

It was a popular topic at the West Bank meeting earlier this week.

"My mom's been a taxpayer since 1965 out there on Lauderdale. They have not [done] anything. Nothing. I mean, the things that say - sewerage is just sticking up out the ground," said one neighbor.

"It's so bad on my street that a lady passed, hit a hole in the drain and her airbag came out," said another at the meeting.

The meeting will be held Wednesday for district a residents at the Lakeview Christian Center on Fleur De Lis Drive.

It starts at 6 p.m., but department heads will be available at 5:30 for one-on-one conversation.

The administration says it would cost $9 billion to repair all of the streets and infrastructure.

The new interim New Orleans Police Chief, Michael Harrison, is expected to be at the meeting.

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