Spinach Linguini/Corn and Crab Ragout

Spinach Linguini / Corn and crab ragout

Spinach linguini

• Flour 1 lb

• Egg yolk ½ cup

• Cook spinach ½ cup

• Olive oil 1fl-oz

• Slat 1/2 oz

Cook the spinach in salty boiling water for 2 minutes, cool off in icy water, drain well and squeeze with your hand as to expel as much water as you can.

Blend it in a food processor to obtain a fine puree

Mix the spinach puree with the ½ of the yolk.

In a standing food mixer incorporate the egg yolk/spinach mix to the flour with salt and olive oil and mix at low speed to obtain a fairly dense dough.

Let it rest in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Using a pasta machine make the linguini

Corn and crab ragout

• Corn on the cob 4+1

• Chopped onion 2 cup

• Chopped celery 1cup

• Garlic clove

• Sprig of thyme 5 each

• Grated parmesan 1 cup

• Bat leave 2 each

• Peppercorn 5 each

• Heavy cream 1 cup

• Crab meat 1 lb.

Cover all the above ingredient (except 1 ear of corn, and heavy cream) with water, simmer for 45 minutes

Scrap the corn niblet from the cooked corn, and add them to a pot with the heavy cream and 1 cup of cooking broth, let it simmer for 4-5 minutes or up until lightly thicken

Sauté ½ cup of raw corn niblet with butter up until cooked careful not to color them.

Add crab meat to the reduced cream corn mix

Adjust the seasoning to your taste with salt and pepper


Cook the linguini in salty boiling water , be sure to keep them al dente

Drain them, and Toss the sauce with the pasta.

Garnish with sautéed cherry tomato and shaved parmesan cheese and chopped parsley .